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watsonx.ai connector

hello @ewilson - i am not able to add review on below IBM WatsonX ai connector on DX so i have to write post. The URL mentioned in user guide is not accessible. can the user guide be updated with new URL.https://digitalexchange.blueprism.com/dx/entry...

Neel1 by MVP
  • 4 replies

7.2.1 Surface Automation on Chrome

Hello,We have just started automation against chrome.  Some of the links on the website we are automating against cannot be clicked due to them invoking a java script.To get around this , we are using surface automation to identify the link and then ...

Data Gateways in 64 bit Java

As BP 7.2 is moved to 64bit, could you please move Java version on Data Gateway(logstash) to 64bit Java.Currently there is no option to choose latest version on Data Gateways. So please make configuration more robust for updating the version on Java....

Sheela by Level 5
  • 3 replies

Virtual Desktop Service providers

Hello, Curious if anyone is using a virtual desktop service provider? Scenario - BP version 7.2.1 - entire suite of services hosted in Azure. Want to have an external Vendor manage the VDI/Runtime resources for us. Understood everything shold be in t...

Resolved! BMIUtilisationMonthly ... history has only EoM figures

Hello,I wanted to use the statistics table BMIUtilisationMonthly to get historic figures for the past years. When querying the table I noticed only the December is available for previous months and all months for the current year. The list of year & ...

Decipher Get Metadata: Login failed for user

Hi, We encountered an error "Login failed for user:" while getting the Batch Metadata in Decipher.  We've been troubleshooting this issue for the past weeks but could not get it to work.  Has anyone encountered this issue and any solution?

Get Metadata.png

Resolved! Decipher Error During Installation

Hi,I am installing Decipher IDP 2.2 in our development environment. So far I have installed all pre-requisites and decipher components. All 4 services are running. So far, I have set-up the Decipher binding. But when I launch the Decipher Website, I ...

dsa206_0-1720712814764.png dsa206_1-1720712925577.png dsa206_3-1720712986681.png dsa206_4-1720713096997.png
dsa206 by Level 4
  • 2 replies

Multiple Images in same document for data extraction

Hi All,I have a query regarding document data extraction. I have a scenario where i have got multiple images of ID card present in a single file(May be in first and last page). Will decipher always get the matching template at the first occurence? in...

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