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On June 25 th and 26 th , we attended the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019 Conference. Women of Silicon Roundabout is the flagship event hosted by Women in Technology with over 6,000 attendees and streams of conversation that were broken down into three core areas—Technology, Business and People. We were thrilled to be Silver sponsors of this event. Diversity and inclusion has been a core value of Blue Prism’s since formation in 2001. Co-founders Dave Moss, CTO, and Alastair Bathgate, CEO, wanted to ingrain a positive and inclusive culture at the very beginning. So much so, that it was the collaboration with a classroom of bright young students who helped ...
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In my time at Blue Prism, I have rarely seen as much excitement about a product announcement as when we announced Decipher at Blue Prism World 2019. Since joining Blue Prism almost 3 years ago, I have had many conversations with our customers and partners and there are a small number of common themes that arise – when exploring the limitations and challenges of RPA. Today, I will focus on the problem of Data acquisition, transformation and understanding. We all dream of a world where all data is in digital form at source and is at least semi-structured. The reality is very different. Many processes are still “paper based” in some form. These documents are ...

Unified Workforce

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So often, articles in the news or posts on various blogs predict that the sky is falling because robots will take all of our jobs, causing widespread unemployment. Perhaps it is society’s love of science fiction and horror. Perhaps it is the result of not understanding history sufficiently, or some unknown reason. Whatever the case, the sensationalism sells movies, baits clicks, and drives analyst reports. However, reality doesn’t reflect this. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) needs to be considered as more like Gene Roddenberry’s “utopian view of possibilities” where people and technology work cooperatively. Both in fiction as well as reality, work needs ...

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