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Twitter Mania: Maintain Mentions, Monitor Users, Respond in Real-Time

By Andrew Campbell posted 09-08-2021 21:22


Let’s face it, your teams can do more with their time than monitor Twitter. So why not set alerts for Twitter mentions and automate responses?

Monitor and react to mentions on Twitter and respond to Tweets. Free your marketing team to respond to non-standard needs or potential customer satisfaction issues to prevent any brand damage. 

Customers want fast responses and even faster resolution. Automation can help direct mentions that require customer service or technical support. Blue Prism can help you sort and direct queries to the appropriate teams. This can accelerate contact and resolution, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Automating Twitter monitoring could also include enhanced search by: Tweet, Twitter user or specific company/user mentions. 

Unleashing tremendous power with Twitter and Blue Prism is just a few clicks away. Discover Twitter-compatible Connectors you can download directly from Blue Prism Digital Exchange.  



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