Blue Prism For Good Ambassador - Mariella Joseph

By Crystal Tweddle posted 06-05-2020 09:23


Mariella Joseph is one of the BPFG Social Media Managers and Charity & Fundraising Ambassador in EMEA region. Screenshot_2020-06-05_at_09_18_31.png

Growing up I have always been heavily encouraged by those around me to get involved in volunteering and fundraising activities especially due to my involvement in girl guiding and scouting in my very early years.

This led me to join the international volunteering society when I started university. I started by raising money alongside others from my university to buy sports equipment for schools in Kenya. That summer, I then had the opportunity to go to these schools and teach sports directly to the children there. This gave the students at these schools’ the chance to experience sports that would not otherwise be taught in their curriculum due to lack of equipment such as rugby and netball. The smiles and excitement they greeted us with when presented with these new sporting challenges encouraged me to take up the role of Vice President of the society the following year. I felt like I wanted to be involved in the society at a greater level by helping others plan similar trips the following year across the globe.

Therefore, when I first started at Blue Prism in November 2019 and I was introduced to the Blue Prism for Good initiative I didn’t hesitate to ask to be a part of it.

Since then I have been a fundraising ambassador for Blue Prism for Good taking part and organising events like the recent Blue Prism for Good Coffee Morning in EMEA. This has also led to me being heavily involved in the social media for BPFG so we can share these events with as many people as possible to achieve the best possible outcome.

I am excited for the upcoming events in the Blue Prism for Good pipeline I am or will be involved with such as the EY smart futures. Now more than ever it is important for us all to be coming together and thinking about how we can help each other as a global society.


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