All About Support Ticket Escalation

By Dave Blagg posted 18 days ago


Are you aware of the support ticket escalation procedure we have at Blue Prism? Do you want to know what an escalation is or more information on why you should escalate? This article will tell you everything you need to know about escalating support tickets and when you might need to do it.

What is an escalation?

On rare occasions, it may be perceived that the ticket's resolution is not meeting expectations; for example, the steps advised to resolve the issue are not meeting expected outcomes.

The question "What should I do now? has a one-word answer, "Escalate."

Escalation will ensure that Incident Management provides you with the best Customer Experience and will work closely with our engineers to address your issue. It should be thought of as a two-way process, where timely and accurate communication from both sides will ensure there are no delays in requesting and receiving information.

Escalated tickets are continually monitored at Blue Prism by the Incident Management team, so, by escalating, your issue will receive the utmost attention, and you will have a dedicated point of contact.

Why escalate?

An escalation is a defined way to bring an issue to the Blue Prism Global Incident Management Team's attention. The Incident Management team has three members; one based in Australia, one in the USA, and one in the UK.  Each Incident Manager primarily covers their geographical area, though they provide 24 x 5 coverage as a whole.

When an escalation is requested it will be acknowledged and reviewed by the Incident Management team who will then reach out to the assigned engineer at Blue Prism to ensure any prior requested information has been provided .

If sufficient information is available, then the escalation will be progressed.  Communication will be expedited, and expectations and timelines will be set, and the next steps shared.

Incident Management will ensure progress towards a resolution is maintained by ensuring the resources needed are continually assessed, that regular communication is maintained, and meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Who can escalate?

Any customer can escalate, and Incident Management will review every escalated ticket. We are always keen to help each and every Customer, though please be aware that there are varying Service Level Agreements that depend on the support package that has been purchased.

Discover our Support Packages to ensure your business needs are being addressed by the level of support you currently have in place.

How to escalate

There's a complete guide on how to escalate a ticket on our Customer Portal. If you have a ticket you feel needs additional attention; you can review the best practices on how to escalate on our How to Escalate a Ticket article

Hopefully, you won't need to escalate any support tickets, but if you do, you can be sure that our Global Incident Management Team is always there to ensure you get the help you need from Blue Prism.


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