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By Josh Noble posted 04-03-2020 19:23


These are certainly unusual days. We have witnessed global collaboration between governments, companies like Dyson innovate at breakneck speeds, and cryptocurrency miners redirect hardware to Folding@Home for a 1200% computing spike. We learned that webcams can become the enemy, John Krasinski may be one of the most positive humans in existence, and of course – Carole did it.

Many of us are at 250% work capacity, and many of us are out of work.

Educational institute closures are currently impacting about 90% of the world’s student population. Some students were able to shift to video conference coursework, but that certainly isn’t the majority.

Where to start

If you or your corporate-focused students have free time, and already finished watching the Star Wars franchise in both chronological and release order, then maybe it is time to learn some new skills. My first recommendation is to learn the basics of Adobe Creative Suite as this can help individuals in any role to improve their expression of ideas. My second recommendation is to learn the basics of Blue Prism.

The current global environment has highlighted the fragility of all-manual human workforces. Business Process Outsourcers will undoubtedly take a hit as corporations revisit their business continuity plans, and one clear outcome will be a drive towards increased automation. Demand for intelligent automation skillsets was already skyrocketing over the last several years, and there is a significant void in talent.

Here are a few RPA salary stats from today on that may catch your interest in a full-time Blue Prism delivery role.


Avg. US Salary

Avg. India Salary

Junior Developer



Senior Developer



Business Process Analyst



A few other roles 100% dedicated to RPA also include Solutions Designer, Technical Architect, and Controller/Production Manager.

Why Blue Prism?

If you are new to RPA then why should you specifically learn Blue Prism?

  • BP is one of the big 3 most prevalent RPA technologies
  • Access to BP’s software and training is free
  • Unlike other RPA technologies, Blue Prism has no requirement for existing skills in Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, Scala, or .NET.
  • Blue Prism’s is a publicly traded company with audited financial records. Our financial stability is clear and shows a platform with a long lifespan.
  • Many RPA vendors boast a flooded market of certified developers thanks to self-serve accreditations anyone can get online over a weekend. Blue Prism is easy to learn, but certifications would be very difficult to achieve without real project experience. If you are interested in a career as a full-time ‘developer’, then simple supply & demand results in BP certifications holding significantly higher value than alternative options.

If you don’t have an interest in a full-time Blue Prism role then BP Basic Training is still a great asset. You will learn how the technology works with an end-to-end survey of the platform. This will enable you to better collaborate with your RPA Center of Excellence, delivery partners, and process improvement groups.

Next steps

Have I caught your interest? Would you like to dive a little deeper?


Fortunately, my amazing colleagues have been hard at work for the past month creating great new content for anyone interested to jump into the world of RPA. Here are a variety of assets you may want to explore.

February 27th - Blue Prism launched the ‘Generation Digital Workforce’ podcast series. Each episode includes leading experts discussing RPA, AI, machine learning, and more about innovations, best practices, tools and resources that are shaping the Digital Workforce. I am going to bring my external sounding board of community practitioners together for a session and can’t get a spot until June! You can find a new podcast every week on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play or

February 28th - Blue Prism v6.7 is made Generally Available and includes an improved Trial & Learning Edition installer. The 6.7 Learning Edition can be access for free at

NOTE – I show how anyone can get a BP v6.7 Learning Edition license and install the software at home in this video (

March 13th - The Blue Prism Cloud Experience was launched on Blue Prism University. This roughly 3-hour hands-on course serves as an introduction to Blue Prism Cloud. Some content is a review for those already familiar with Blue Prism, while sections on Hub and Interact will be new to most. The BPC Experience coursework is on Blue Prism University, but you will first want to sign-up for a BP Cloud training image at

IMPORTANT - The BP Cloud Experience training images are live for 10 hours over a two-day period and then recycled. Sign up when you are ready to take the course.

March 17th - We added ‘BP Learning Bites’ to Blue Prism University. This includes a catalogue of demo and build tips created by various experts around the company. These include topical videos we have historically shared for internal Blue Prism education which are now available externally to customers and partners. New videos are being posted regularly.

March 24th - Blue Prism & Re:infer hosted a live webinar showing how the combined technologies can automatically triage unstructured email communication, extract intents, and key data into business systems for straight-through-processing.

March 24th - Blue Prism Basic Training Lab 0, ‘Getting Started’, goes live on the Blue Prism Labs YouTube Playlist. Every day, for the next 10 days, 3 folks on our team filmed videos to support Blue Prism’s Basic Training Labs. Corey Donohue, Mike LaFleur, and Diana Amador (PhD) did stellar work on this! The complete lab video series can be found at

IMPORTANT - If you don’t have Blue Prism installed, anyone can register for the BP Digital Exchange / Portal / Communities / University and then grab the Learning Edition (full software) at The rest of our FREE training can be found on Blue Prism University at

April 1st - University of Texas Dallas joins institutes such as Carnegie Mellon University, University of Łódź, Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM), and Telkom University in Blue Prism’s Global Academia program.

In addition to the self-service courses we produce, Blue Prism’s worldwide network of Authorized Training Partners deliver flexible, role-based, customized, public and private training. The Blue Prism Education Services team carefully selects Authorized Training Partners, and regularly review their instructor-led coursework to maintain top standards. Many Authorized Training Partners already offer virtual classroom training and others are adding this option to adapt to the current global environment. Learn more about Blue Prism’s training partner network at

Finally, there is great (unofficial) content being produced by experts across the Blue Prism Community. For example, several of my colleagues and I are fans of ‘Dave The RPA Guy’. His series ‘Basics of Application Modeller’ series is stellar, although he and I might have a different definition for the term ‘Basics’. You definitely want to have some existing experience with Blue Prism (ex. BP Learning Lab 1, 2, & 6) before subscribing to his channel at


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The Process Discovery Tool is a free-to-use online tool that assesses and ranks your processes in terms of most automation-ready to least, with insight into the potential financial impact. You can access the tool on the Customer Portal and by answering a few simple questions, you’ll be able to map your processes into four categories and then prioritize them accordingly. The tool provides your team with a user-friendly results dashboard that centralizes all discovery activity, with real-time information on process discovery progress that can be effectively and impact-fully communicated to senior management. Explore the tool now.

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The Digital Exchange is an online “app store” for finding and downloading pre-built skills and applying them to your Digital Workforce. You can download and share AI, cognitive and advanced RPA technologies to take your automations to the next level, and with your own Enterprise DX, you can control your ecosystem while unleashing the collaboration across your teams. Explore the DX now.