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Introducing Blue Prism Local User Groups

By Kevin Barnes posted 10-12-2021 14:26


Introducing Blue Prism Local User Groups

We’re pleased to launch our Local User Groups program, designed to empower our customers and partners to organise and host local groups and gatherings. We have 26 Local User Groups globally, across 6 continents, with some of the first local meetups having taken place already.


What is the Local User Group program?

Our Local User Group program gives customers and partners the opportunity to meet one another, network, and share knowledge, while also hearing useful information from Blue Prism. Local User Groups cover individual cities or regions, depending on the geography of the area. It’s our aim that events help gain a deeper understanding of Blue Prism and maximise the potential of using Blue Prism services. Events are organised by Local User Group Leads, who will set up a venue and agenda that’s relevant to members in their area.

Visit our User Group page to find a group in your area


How can I establish a User Group in my area?

If you don’t currently have a Local User Group covering your area, you can apply to become the User Group Lead and establish your own group. All we ask is that you’re able to organise and coordinate 4 local meetups annually.

Apply to be a User Group Lead


User Groups & Leads

There are currently 26 Local User Groups on the Blue Prism Community. From Boston to Santiago; Istanbul to Paris; Auckland to New Delhi, we have user groups spanning 15 countries and 6 continents. New User Groups are being added all the time, explore your region to see if there's a User Group local to you, or request to be a User Group Lead if you'd like to run a new group in your area.


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The Robotic Operating Model (ROM) is Blue Prism’s industry leading approach to successfully deliver maximum business benefit through the scaled deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It has been developed based on more than a decade of experience and knowledge of deploying Blue Prism at scale in countries and industries across the globe. The ROM has been designed to integrate fully with an organization's existing change management systems, thereby removing the need for additional procedural and governance obligations. Check out the ROM Service Model.
The ROM has no cost associated with it, it's absolutely free.
You can access the ROM by visiting the Blue Prism Portal, or click here.
The ROM does not have a free trial, but you may want to check out our Process Automation Tool and Capture offerings.
The ROM is available to all Blue Prism Customers with an active Blue Prism Portal account.