Decipher IDP - New training utility

By Kevin Barnes posted 09-12-2022 09:00


We’ve created a new set of processes that will enable you to extract the training for a specific Document Type. The first process will extract the training for the specified Document Type and the second will delete the training just for that Document Type.

These are designed to be used when you’re migrating your document training from one environment to another and only want to move the training for a specified Document Type. Or when you want to restart the training for one of your Document Types without impacting the training of others.

So in Scenario A, you have several processes (Document Types A, B and C) being trained in your Development environment and Document Type A is ready to be moved into UAT or Production.

You can download the training data (which includes all Document Types), then after running this process, the file will only contain the training for Document Type A. This means when you import it to the next environment, no unintended data will be migrated with it.

In Scenario B, again you have several processes being trained in Development and you’ve just discovered you need to make a change to the DFD for Document Type A. The quickest way to retrain on these changes would be to delete the Training Data and start fresh, but you don’t want to delete the training for your other processes.

You can download the training data and run the respective process. This will delete the training for Document Type A and leave the remaining training intact. You can then delete the training data in development and import this updated training file. You’re then ready to start retraining Document Type A and continue where you left off with the other processes.

Remember - When using these processes, create a copy of the exported training data and keep it in a safe place.

You can download it now from the Decipher downloads page on the portal and you can find a full user guide in our online help.

This functionality is being added directly into Decipher and will be included on the roadmap when we have more information.


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