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EY Foundation Smart Futures Diaries: Samin's personal experience

By Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega posted 08-12-2020 06:27

When asked about his overall experience during the EY Foundation Smart Futures programme, Samin, one of the 10 students taking part, managed to perfectly describe the learning that came with the programme and much more. To know more about Samin's challenges, highlights and personal growth during the programme, his future aspirations and the successful outcome of a programme like this in times of pandemic, just keep reading in his own words below!

"Hello my name is Samin and I took part in the EY Foundation Smart Futures programme this summer! At the moment I'm studying A-level Maths, Physics and Economics and hope to do an Aerospace Engineering degree at University.

I joined the programme to gain exposure to different career industries and professions in order to broaden my mind regarding my own future. During the programme, I enjoyed meeting like-minded young people and learning about the automation industry through the various professionals I had the opportunity to talk to I also really enjoyed working with my team and bonded very well with them.

My highlights of the programme would have to be the Dragon's Den challenge and the Controller Assessment we did. These tasks collectively exercised a variety of skills and abilities ranging from communication skills to analytical reasoning.

The virtual experience with Blue Prism was invaluable. It gave me a detailed insight into the automation industry and Blue Prism specifically, where I learnt more about the products themselves as well as different roles and responsibilities of people within the company. I didn't expect much due to the limitations set by the programme being virtual, but I was honestly very impressed by what they had to offer!

I also learnt a lot of interesting facts about automation and definitely broke a lot of misconceptions I had prior to the placement. One of them being the fact that they work very closely with the NHS and breast cancer screening, to be more specific.

For our last task as part of the placement, we were told to come up with our own automation idea and present it to our mentors and the people we interacted with throughout the experience. I decided to combine my passion for sustainable energy to my idea and came up with a device which sits on your roof and automatically calculates how much "money could be saved" if a specific area were to utilise solar panels. This data could then be sold to solar panel companies who would then focus their advertising campaigns to those specific areas and encourage the use of solar energy. I was also very impressed by what the rest of my team came up with!

All in all, the experience was invaluable and couldn't have wished for a better way to spend my summer during this pandemic we're in. I've been given the chance to use and develop many of my transferable skills despite the situation we're in. I was also able to learn about the journey of many people from school to work, which helped broaden my mind about the possibilities of my future!"





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