End of year reflection: BPFG through 2020

By Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega posted 11-03-2020 07:35


Hi everyone!

Today, we would like to share with you all the amazing things that happened within Blue Prism For Good as as we close out FY20!

2020 in numbers

This year, globally we’ve raised a total of £41,000 for 12 global charities (almost everything raised virtually!). We can consider this number as a great achievement taking into account the uncertainty climax and virtual component due to Covid-19.

This total includes $5.5k we raised for the Australian Bushfire fund; $1.5k we donated to the Texas Food bank and some £3k we donated to cancer charities through virtual coffee mornings and happy hours. Money that will make a real impact to those communities.

 Our purpose

Blue Prism For Good started last year and our mission is to unleash human potential and inspire the future of work. We do this in 3 ways:

  • Educate the future workforce through schools and education programmes
  • Raise funds for causes we care about in order to help address the inequality that exists
  • Offer charities access to our product at a heavily discounted rate and the support to scale and grow their automation capability

 Recap of the year:

This year, the members of Blue Prism For Good had to go above and beyond to find new ways and alternatives to raise funds and help organisations and individuals in the new normal. However, this hasn't stopped them from organising and taking part in all the different types of events you can think of: from happy hours, to baking competitions, to pink parties, to salsa classes to full blown talent competitions have all been done virtually.

We would like to share with you our most significant milestones this year:

  • We had 62 colleagues across 4 continents, join in the JPMCC this year – which saw us run the distance from the BPC office to the Warrington headquarters.
  • We supported 10 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through a paid internship with the Center of Excellence team. During 300 hundred hours of mentoring and support, they learnt all about automation and 90% of them said they’d love to work in automation going forward, going into the scheme only 20% did. Blue Prism was awarded as EY Employer Partner of the Year for this work.
  • Thanks to automation savings, Mencap (our first Charity License customer) has realised savings of £120k, something that is translated as a huge saving for a charity reliant on donations.
  • Our COVID-19 response programme has helped over 100 organisations globally, impacting over 1.5m customers.
  • 15 people opted to personally donate via charity this year – raising almost £2.5k!

What happens next? 

Going into 2021, the focus will be on growing out our Charity license programme and growing our work on addressing inequality in the communities we operate in. If you know a charity who could use automation, please refer them to register their interest here for an 80% discount on our NFP license from the list price.

From Blue Prism For Good we would like to say huge THANKS to everyone who has been involved for making an impact and doing some fantastic things amongst a year of chaos and uncertainty!

We're very proud of everything that's being achieved this year and we're looking forward to overcome ourselves in 2021! If you would like to stay up to date why not join the BPFG community today?

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11-04-2020 02:25

Kudos to Blue Prism For Good community.


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