BPFG donations make online classes possible for Sishu Mandir's children

By Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega posted 25 days ago


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Shishu Mandir in Bangalore is one of the charities the Blue Prism For Good has supported with a monetary donation of almost one thousand pounds.

What’s Shishu Mandir?

Shishu Mandir is registered as a Society in India and runs entirely on donations. For 30 years now, Shishu Mandir has been working towards creating a generation of children who are not bound by the circumstances they were born into. At Shishu Mandir they receive education, love and care, guidance in their careers and consequently they are able to reach a life of self-sufficiency and independence.

How is BPFG supporting Shishu Mandir

With BPFG as one of their last benefactors, they originally used part of the donation to buy both text books and note books, extremely useful for the institution.

However, BPFG donation came even more into value when the children were sent home due to the increase in Coronavirus cases in Bangalore. Online classes have proven to be equally challenging all around the world, but especially under underprivileged circumstances like these.   

Online school was possible for all these children because they were provided with mobile phones acquired partly through the BPFG donation.  The children also get their data consumption recharged monthly by the institution, so they can focus on their online learning.

In the near future, the BPFG team expect to further engage with the Shishu Mandir children and take this opportunity to conduct online sessions on certain subjects useful for them and they’re personal and educational development.



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Great job BPFG team!

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thanks for sharing!

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