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Blue Prism for Good Ambassador- Vinay Shetty

By Mariella Joseph posted 05-22-2020 04:55


vin.pngVinay Shetty is an Education Ambassador for BPFG in the APAC region. He is based in Bangalore India and has been working for the Professional Services team there for around 2 ½ years.

Why Education ? 

Vinay’s interest in education began long before he started at Blue Prism. He first started tutoring as a way of getting extra income through his studies. As he progressed in his career and no longer required the income from traditional tutoring, he decided he wanted to volunteer his skills with an NGO to provide extra tutoring to students that could not afford traditional tutoring to enable them in clearing educational milestones. During this time, he appreciated the impact that this had on students, specifically in grades 7-10 and how passing exams at these ages could dramatically impact their whole lives.

Why did he join BPFG ?

Although he could continue to help as  an individual contributor to the community, he could see both the extended benefits that came from being involved in the Blue Prism for Good Program. Having seen the Global Lead of Blue Prism for Good, @Matt Juden-Bloomfield organise all the individual creative ideas at Blue Prism, he expressed his interest to join the wider forum and assist the organisation in widening their impact.

Goals with BPFG 

His goal by working with Blue Prism for Good is to assist and upskill as many people as he can in terms of automation and assisting them to create the new age digital workforce. Projects that he is currently involved in planning is creating Future Skills programmes for people to access automation education from any level of traditional education and supplying the materials needed to learn.

For Vinay being part of Blue Prism for Good comes with both personal and community benefits as he enjoys the feeling of actively doing something to benefit others.





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