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Blue Prism for Good Founder - Matt Juden-Bloomfield

By Mariella Joseph posted 05-29-2020 05:04


@Matt Juden-Bloomfield shares the story of where Blue Prism for Good began and what it has grown to achieve since then.

Blue Prism For Good has been my baby since early 2019 and it’s an initiative which has grown into a beautifully unrecognisable child, from the baby it was back then. It started on the simple premise that I felt, as a company, we had a lot to give back; we started with raffles held at our Blue Prism World conferences in London and Orlando with donated prizes and gifts and grew quickly into fundraisers and donations all over the world – through the ingenuity and support of my colleagues we donated meals and sweaters in Bangalore, backpacks and stationery kits in Chicago and toiletries and food in London – all within our first 6 months of operating.


Marc Benioff, founder and co-CEO of Salesforce says in his (amazing) book ‘Trailblazer’ that “we are on the brink of a fifth industrial revolution, one in which trust will be earned by those companies that apply the technologies developed in the fourth to improving the state of the world”.  Blue Prism founded the RPA market and leads the way in automation and AI innovation; all core components of the fourth industrial revolution.  My drive and passion from marrying ‘For Good’ with Blue Prism’s fantastic product, is that I genuinely believe, as Marc points out, that there is an awful lot that can be gained in enabling more people to access these technologies and there is a compelling need for companies such as Blue Prism to use their scale and resources, to break the barriers to entry down, give back and make a genuinely positive impact on the global community we all are part of.


My day job – head of our internal automation team – lets me see first hand the power of automation and how it can genuinely unleash human potential.  The narrative that ‘robots are going to take over’ and that ‘automation is a force for bad’, I believe is false.  Who legitimately dreamt of doing hours upon hours of manual data entry work? NO ONE! Instead allow digital workers to release precious time and resources back to your business, free up your day to enable you to spend more time with customers or doing value added strategic thinking… not expense reports and data analysis.  Then imagine that applied to charities, organisations with typically very lean and resource lacking structures; the more resources that can be freed up, the more that can be delivered to the end beneficiaries, those that need it most.


This was most compellingly highlighted through our work with UK charity Mencap – the largest of mental disability charities in the UK – my CoE team have been working to mentor and train some of their HR team since late last year, in order to help them setup their own automation centre of excellence and deliver automations into their HR function.  This resource saving, means less people need to be stuck doing back office work and more time “enabling their beneficiaries to live an independent life in their own home”…. What an amazing thing to say!


More recently, the COVID pandemic – has also highlighted how fragile our economy, and we as humans are. Reliance on office work, face to face interaction and traditional working methods are proving outdated, and has expedited the need and desire for an alternative way to work.  Automation and RPA is proving how effective it can be in enabling businesses to continue as usual; while protecting human colleagues and enabling them to take on new roles, from the safety of their home. It’ll be an interesting period to reflect on, but one that I think will hopefully quell, once and for all, the automation anxiety that has plagued further widespread adoption of technologies like ours; technologies that are, fundamentally there to make our lives better.


It's no understatement to say this has been a huge amount of work, but it’s also not an overstatement to say this fundamentally wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the fantastic colleagues who agreed to jump in to the melee with and roll this out alongside their day jobs. I’m grateful for all their support, I’ve received and cannot wait to see how For Good grows and matures through the remainder of 2020 and beyond.


On a final note, if you work for, or with a charity or non-profit organisation and would like to chat about how RPA could help you and your organisation – please get in touch via, alternatively we’ll also be launching a web form shortly for you to register that way too.

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06-02-2020 08:45

Great to see @Matt Juden-Bloomfield being featured! 

For anyone landing here from the homepage, please be sure to check out the Blue Prism For Good community for more content around this amazing program. 



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