Blue Prism for Good Ambassador- Ben Austin

By Mariella Joseph posted 06-19-2020 09:55


@Ben Austin shares his interest in the Not For Profit World and what he has done since joining Blue Prism for Good.

Based in Singapore, I joined Blue Prism just over a year ago and was keen to see how I could get involved in any activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility as this is an area I am passionate about, with a specific interest in Non-profits. 
I personally feel it is imperative that those that are able to give up one of our most precious commodities (time) do so on a regular basis, and help give something back to those less fortunate than ourselves.

By the very fact that I work for a hyper-growth technology company in one of the world’s most expensive places means I am in a privileged position, and I feel strongly it is my duty to help where possible.

I originally stumbled in to the Not For Profit world at a previous company, where volunteering at a local homeless shelter (St. Anthony’s) in San Francisco was an integral part of the Onboarding process for all new hires, and I thought this was a fantastic way to have a CSR program ingrained with the employees from day 1.

I quickly realised that if you offer opportunities for people to ‘do some good’ outside of work for organisations that desperately need our help, then they will give their time freely and it soon becomes muscle memory and part of their regular cadence of thinking about others less fortunate.

At Blue Prism, I am proud to be a Not For Profit Ambassador for APAC and although COVID-19 has hampered many of the physical activities we can get involved in, there are still initiatives that I lead which make a real impact here in Singapore, especially underneath the surface. 

For example, we have recently been offering to volunteer our time for ItsRainingRaincoats who try to improve the lives of Singapore’s Migrant Worker population by matching them with people to help with adopting new skills such as learning English.

It’s a small effort on our part but it can lead to a huge impact, and once more of the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, I’m looking forward to leading our re-engagement with other local Non-profits such as Food from the Heart and Habitat for Humanity to figure out how else we can help.


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