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Blue Prism for Good Ambassador - Eoin Buttanshaw

By Mariella Joseph posted 06-26-2020 04:44


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@Eoin Buttanshaw EMEA inclusivity Ambassador shares where his passion for inclusivity came from and why he believes it is so important.

Inclusivity has always been an important issue for me. I strongly believe no one should ever feel alienated because of their own background (or identity) and there should be no place for such prejudice in this day and age. I have been brought up to always be inclusive and to not only respect but to actively learn about others whether that be their faith, race or gender. I was lucky to be educated in the first multi denominational school in Ireland (Dalkey School Project) which gave me a fantastic grounding in this and is something I have taken with me throughout my education and work life.
As an inclusivity ambassador I have a particular interest in sport. Sport has always been a bastion of inclusivity as it does not (or should not) care about differences and unites often completely random people who would never have met otherwise towards a common goal. In places of past conflict like Northern Ireland or the Balkans mixed clubs have been used to deter from the often sectarian/factionalism/racism that exist and that people project on to sport.

Joining Blue Prism for Good was an easy decision. It's being in itself is a form of inclusivity as anyone can join and help as much as they want or can. The work its doing is not only having a positive impact on society, as you can see from the many posts and great feedback, but also on our company as a whole. It’s brought employees from different regions and backgrounds together in one team or safe environment. It’s easy for people to get lost in large companies and for it to lose the start-up aspect but thanks to BP4G I've met many, many great people in my short time here so far for which I’m very thankful.





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