Excellence in Connected-RPA Awards 2020: What does a good entry look like?

By Nikki DuBerry posted 15 days ago


What does a good entry look like?

With the experience of having served as a judge for the Blue Prism awards for the past 3 years, I would offer these suggestions for 2020 applicants in preparing their entries.

Focus: Pick your category carefully –where you have the most/best information to support your nomination. There are several entry categories in the competition, so be sure to select your best shot/fit.

Tell a story: Narratives are inherently more powerful, interesting, and compelling than dry recitations of facts. The application template itself offers a guide. How did the initiative arise? What business problem or challenge did you seek to address? What drove your technology selection and implementation? What challenges or issues did you encounter in your implementation? How did you overcome them? What proved to be the most important leverage points?

Hit the high points: Think of your application as an executive-level summary or report. You want to communicate strategy and process to guide the judges through your story, with enough meaningful detail to assess impact, but don’t make it a forensic post-op.

Gains and Improvements: What kinds of gains did you primarily seek in your business case? What additional or unexpected gains did you realize as a result of your implementation?

  • Efficiency (accuracy, quality, speed, cost, etc.)

  • Effectiveness (agility, responsiveness, analytics, employee/customer satisfaction)

  • Enablement (digital platform, new products/services/businesses, increased revenue/profit/market share, differentiated customer experience, etc.)

Metrics: Be as specific as possible about business outcomes and impact (use percentages, fractions and multiples to give a sense of scale where company policy prohibits exact figures – e.g., x% faster, halved delivery times, doubled ROI, record customer sat scores, etc.)

Learnings: What did you learn from your experience that will help others?

Good luck in preparing your entries. – I look forward to reading your stories!

John Hindle

John Hindle





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