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Employee Diaries - #4 Sharing the burden

By Ronan Considine posted 07-27-2020 04:05


Hi Everyone,


It's been a couple of months since my last blog so a lot has happened to catch you up on!


Lockdown and remote working is still a factor for everyone here in the UK and we are all doing our best to support each other as I mentioned in my last blog.


One thing that is new and we have included is a new way of working that shares the responsibility  of projects. For each project we will now have a lead 'owner' of the project that is responsible for moving the project forward and giving updates during the meetings. Now they can bring in other people to help work on the discovery and build of a process especially where people have more knowledge in a specific area to help with this.

 For example we are working on a process that can look at excel lists and compare the data to accounts in salesforce to give information back to the company. There are a range of systems to be used here with Browsers and spying, using excel and the OLEBD tools and the SalesForce API.

 It would take one person much longer to try to configure these 3 parts for the process and then tie them all together. With the new way of working people who have stronger skills in a particular area can help build certain areas whilst teaching others how to use it.

 This has lifted the burden of difficult project from one person and split it to several which has made everyone much happier and reduced stress that is very important for our current time in lockdown.

 On top of this process, we had a successful time building and running the process which helps with our shares. This is an incredibly important process and only runs twice a year but it has to run on one day. This means that we have to make sure everything is double and triple checked before the day so it runs with little if no fixes.

 The process grabs all of the information from a spreadsheet stored on Sharepoint and then writes up deeds of grant and share certificates for everyone that is being awarded with the correct type and amount of shares. Once this is done the process then uploads all the relevant information to a 3rd party system that records the shares given to everyone.

 It was a little nerve wrecking after starting well before 9 to get the most amount of slack, just in case anything went wrong, and after a little bit of tweaking we managed to have everything done and dusted in time for lunch! The 2 ladies on the shares team were both really grateful and great to work with through all of this and in that one run we managed to save what would have taken a whole week of work to do manually.

 Outside of processes the EY Smart Futures project is starting today so you'll be seeing more and more about this project. It's an amazing thing to get involved with and I can't wait to show you all the results of what the students get up to and how they find their virtual placement with us.

 If you want to know more about it and just can't wait to see the posts please get in touch and I'll be happy to talk about what we're doing!

That's enough from me for now but you'll definitely hear from me soon.


Ronan   -  Process Analyst in BluePrism Center of Excellence


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