Are our customers using the Blue Prism add-on functionalities?

By Susanna Berg posted 03-30-2022 12:00


I think that all readers know that we have a lot of add-on functionality included in Blue Prism if You are on paid support. When I joined Blue Prism three years ago, we had a base platform delivering Digital Workers. Now they can do so much more with help from a lot of new functionality, they can collaborate, read and understand documents, make Decisions etc.  This really shows how fast this market is developing, and why we are not an RPA company
anymore, but in the business of Intelligent Automation

The business value increases with more intelligence in the automations

I see a lot of great examples of how our customers are using new skills in combination with the Digital workforce to increase the degree of automation and to multiply the benefits they get from automations. We have customers using Decipher for Intelligent Document Processing and customers that are developing algorithms to increase the decision-making skills of the digital workforce. And of course – integration chatbots with digital workers is a great way to create end-to-end automations so customers can be served 24/7.  I am very impressed by creativity that our customers are showing when automating end2end with new functionality. From what I have seen is addition of Human-in-the-loop the function that has added the most value so far. Making it easier for the humans by giving them opportunity to add new data when needed, or modify data fetched by the Digital Workers. It is relatively easy to add Interact and to find high value use cases, which I think is a reason for the adoption. Decipher is also something that many are using and when we asked our customers which functionality they wanted most, Intelligent Document Processing was the winner.

Even though the good examples are many I am surprised on how few of our customers that are adopting the new functionality, especially since many of them have the functionality as part of what they already pay for

What surprises me most is that Capture is not used by all our customers. It is a great tool to speed up the automation discovery- and development process lifecycle. I do understand that many customers already have their ways of working and are very efficient, and that it takes an effort to change, but why not start using it when You start automating in a new business area or for a new application?  

Another idea is to use Capture in the idea evaluation phase. Give Capture to your business users and let them record their work. You will save a lot of time by getting a documentation to evaluate, instead of sitting with them, asking them how they work and then document.

It is a question of maturity

First it is about the maturity of our add-on functionalities. I am the first person to admit that they have been lacking important features, but I think they are getting there, and now I dare to recommend everyone to use them.

Secondly it is about maturity in the automation journey for our customers It is a big difference between those that are already advanced in the journey or in their thinking, and those that are only automation in one department or lacks the strategy and capabilities to scale. It has to do with maturity, willingness to change and curiosity to try new things. And of course, with vision and strategy.

The digital workforce will become smarter and smarter, and I recommend all of You to start adding new skills as this will drive value and benefits at a much higher speed. It takes time to learn, so better to start now than later. The Digital Worker is the arms and legs where AI in all it forms can be seen as the brain.


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