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  • Posted in: Object Studio

    Hi Our business use case can only work on Chrome using the browser back button. None of the spy modes can pick up Chrome back button. I can't use the Region mode as I can't control the size and location of the back button on users' machines. UIA mode ... More

  • Hi All, Ian converting a word document containing hyperlink to pdf but, I'm not able to get hyperlink in pdf. Only underlined text appers in pdf instead of clickable link I am using Ms word vbo to export action for conversion of word to PDF and ... More

  • Posted in: Learning Community

    Hi There, I am new to Blue prism and i self practice BP, i need your help. I am trying do create a VBO for currency converter portal "". I am unable to identify "from currency" and "to currency" web elements but I am able to identify first element ... More

  • Hi, My Sharepoint is on server. I map SharePoint library as network drive. Then I use object "Utility - File Management" action "Copy File" to upload excel file on Sharepoint library. The excel file is visible on Sharepoint only for the user who upload ... More

  • Posted in: Object Studio

    Get Received Items (Basic) of MS Outlook VBO is used, though, there are 4 - 5 emails unread in the mailbox but only 1 email is read even if multiple times the code is run. Please let me know if there are any troubleshooting steps that I can follow or ... More

  • Hello, anyone is using slack to run process ? Hola, ¿alguien está usando slack para ejecutar procesos? ------------------------------ Agustin Rodolfo Catalano Computing Engineering Santander Argentina America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires ---------------- ... More

  • Thanks in advance. What is the purpose of the BPDiagnostics tool that is host inside the blueprism installation folder? Is there any advantage to use this tool instead of creating an application modeller directly insinde object studio? Does anybody ... More

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    MS Exchange Utility

    Hi Community, Start using MS Exchange Utility provided by Agilify team. It requires no outlook in your system with lof of features. A helpful utility for emails. Kudos to @agilifyTeam For providing us such a good utility. @Peter Tarrant and team thanks ... More

  • I am analyzing how exception types are tagged to a process/objects in System tab - In system tab, click on 'Exception Type' under process;/objects. Then click on 'Scan Process'. We get details of exception type with their process/objects. I need to ... More

  • Posted in: Object Studio

    Hi all, Can anyone explain how to extract data from CSS Selector using BluePrism? I need to extract the URL of a webpage and the text. ------------------------------ Kashyap Dave Sr Engineer Happiest Minds Asia/Kolkata --------------------------- ... More

  • Hi All, I need emulator details for Anzio Lite - Mainframe Application. ------------------------------ Lalan Shirsat Consultant Deloitte USI Asia/Kolkata ------------------------------ More

  • Hi All, I am not able to connect to Mainframe Application of Type Ericom PowerTerm InterConnect (HLLAPI). When I am launching application using application modeller then I am getting error " Error - Failed to launch application - Launch failed: Terminal ... More

  • Hi All, I downloaded the GLYNT.AI release from the DX portal. But while importing I am getting the attached error. please help. ------------------------------ Kalpesh Gujrati Consultant EY India Asia/Kolkata ---------------------------- ... More

  • Hi I am trying to automate a citrix application which is launched through a web based application. Steps are as below 1. Log into a website (IE) 2. navigate to a particular icon and click it 3. the citrix application is lauched which will prompt for ... More

  • Hi everyone! Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Please find the link below to the latest Blue Prism Roadmap. This Roadmap details the additional functionality which is scheduled to be added to the product over the next 9 months and beyond. Link ... More

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  • I'm working on web based chrome application which is AI powered Website. So, I am facing a spy (UI Automation Mode) problem as follows. 1. Element Spy is NOT working in Windows 10 Pro Edition . Chrome Version: Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official ... More

  • ​Hi All, We are working on a POC in which we need to read a scanned document (Like - Invoice) through Blue Prism Cognitive services. I wanted to know if these cognitive services are available with Azure free trial. If Yes, Can anyone help me how can ... More

  • ​Hi All, I am working on a POC in which we need to fetch some values from a scanned document (Ex: Invoice). We are looking for azure cognitive services to implement this. Can anybody help me how can I use this service in free trial? Thanks, Bhuvnesh ... More

  • Hello All, with the recent work on ML one thing i noticed was the time taken to load a model at the start for any ML program, in my case it was python. As with traditional python integration approaches, i started off with integration with BP through ... More

  • Posted in: South Africa

    It gives me great please to post on this community the recent announcement by Blue Prism regarding the opening of an office in South Africa. As the Blue Prism Customer Officer Portfolio Owner for South Africa I see this announcement as a key milestone ... More

  • Posted in: South Africa

    Please find the link below to the latest Blue Prism Roadmap. This Roadmap details the additional functionality which is scheduled to be added to the product over the next 9 months and beyond. Link to Product Roadmap Please feel free to add any comments ... More

  • Posted in: Learning Community

    New: Blue Prism Learning Bites The following learning content has just been published: Data Gateways Basics Creating Blue Prism Automations SAP BAPI Demonstration BPC Interact - Utility Setup & Occupant Notification Location ... More

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    Java Attach Hang

    Posted in: Object Studio

    Hi, I have an issue when attaching to a java application on a rare occasion when attaching the application will hang and Blue Prism will hang. The worker will then enter a warning state and the only way to fix it is to task kill the java application on ... More

  • Hi, I am trying to integrate Oracle EB Suite, java application using Blue Prism. Application Version Oracle Version 12.1.3 Java - 1.6 JAB -2.0.2 I am able to Enable the Java Access Bridge, but the spying option for highlighting is not coming. Thanks ... More

  • Posted in: Blue Prism Brasil

    Bom dia todos! Coloco-me a disposição para ajudar em dúvidas ou necessidades/demandas específicas que necessitem. Desenvolvemos soluções de RPA a alguns anos, e será um prazer ajudar. Atenciosamente, ------------------------------ Henrique Ferreira ... More

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  • Hi, I have started to work with a new application that we within our organization have not worked with before, System 21 Aurora. Does anyone have experiance from working with this application? Would like some input like; What elements is best to spy ... More

  • Hi All, I could able to spy everything and can proceed. But when I click on one hyperlink, it redirects to new tab which is JavaScript page. I have problem spying that page. I couldn't able to spy with any of the modes. Attached a snippet of source code ... More

  • Posted in: Blue Prism For Good

    Hello Blue Prism Community, We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners worldwide, while also ensuring business continuity. How can we all help in a time of uncertainty? Through connected RPA ... More

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  • Posted in: Blue Prism Brasil

    Prezados, faço parte do centro de excelência de robotização do Grupo EDP Energias do Brasil desde a implementação no inicio de 2017, onde utilizamos a BluePrism para construção dos nosso robôs. Espero utilizarmos essa comunidade para ajudarmos uns aos ... More

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  • ​Hi, Have you automated a Progress 4GL application? If so, what Application Modeler did you use to be able to interact with elements of class 'probrowser' or 'proframe' ? Win32 spy mode can interact with 90% of the elements of the application that I'm ... More

  • Posted in: Object Studio

    Hi, I've had a recurring issue whereby Blue Prism throws an internal exception when executing an attach stage. The application is Internet Explorer, and we're using the standard attach action. Most of the times it works flawlessly, but in short periods ... More

  • Posted in: Learning Community

    Hi, I have tried to use MS Outlook Email VBO: Save Attachment action to save a specific file type (Excel) of attachment, but it just ignores the set file type and save all attachments into the folder, can help me to solve it? Thanks. My setting is as ... More

  • Posted in: Learning Community

    St. Joseph's Group of Institution, Chennai joins Blue Prism University Academia Program. 400+ students successfully completes Connected-RPA Foundation training. #blueprism #blueprismuniversity #bluerpsimacademiaprogram #connectedrpa #ai ... More

  • Posted in: Learning Community

    Hi I am facing an issue when an object called from a process within another process. I am getting following error: "Unable to match any windows with the query terms". I am unable to spy any elements in the object at that time. When running only that ... More

  • Posted in: Learning Community

    Hi Blue Prism Learning Community! I have a question about the "Business Object Templates" on the Jumpstart section in the portal. There we have two processes "Business Object Template - Basic" "Business Object Template - Start Up & Close Down" ... More

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    Telnet login failed

    After starting the client on pc1 and starting the Telnet link on pc2, it has been unsuccessful to enter the command. The error is shown in the figure. How should I operate to remotely start the process of pc1 on pc2? ------------------------------ ... More

  • Vision Skill Azure Cloud 2.0で パラメータ「Computer Vision v2 Credential Name」の認証情報を記入するのですが、Azureのどこで確認すればよいですか? わかる方がいれば宜しくお願いします。 ------------------------------ 圭太 平塚 ------------------------------ More

  • Posted in: Learning Community

    I am currently trying to create a process to form a reusable component that reads a sharepoint list via API and downloads a file from sharepoint using API. I have the Sharepoint API documentation already, along with Skills for Sharepoint. How would I ... More

  • 2 a.m. EST did not exist this morning -- app server Event Log shows Blue Prism does not show any events in the 2 a.m. hour. Time changed from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. and depending on your Scheduler - Resilience setting, schedules in the 2 a.m. hour were never ... More

  • Hi, I want to write a python code to first create a connection with the required database credentials and write and SQL query to fetch the Blue Prism Session Log database(the data available in Control Room about the process running) in order to fetch ... More

  • Hi, I tried to use same rekognition api service and VBO for Textract by changing the service name, endpoints and actions. However i could not establish connection. I receive unknow operation exception. Can you confirm on the service name to refer. I ... More

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    您好,想问一下如果遇到以下截图看到的情况,BP有没有一个方法从左拉到右,让机器人正常登入网页呢?  ------------------------------ wentai li ------------------------------ More

  • Hello, I use oledb to extract SHP List to Blue Prism Collection. Attachment "SHP_List_View" My List contains column which is a lookup column on another list. Columns Names: NA, EMEA, APAC, LAR When I get this list to Blue Prism collection lookup ... More

  • Hi All, We are trying to use Sharepoint skills given in BP digital exchange for interacting with Sharepoint lists. We were able to authenticate using the Sharepoint ACS Authentication skill but post that when we tried to execute Get List Items we are ... More

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    BP Licence

    Hi. What would be the licence cost ? Is there any package to buy like number of control rooms and runner licence. ------------------------------ Sidramappa Hunashyal SA Accenture Asia/Kolkata ------------------------------ More

  • Hello together, I hope that anyone got a helping hint for me. We have installed BP on a new machine and are trying to add them to our BP server. Whenever we start the client in the same way other working connects properly, we con an Idle, Nos Session ... More

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    Using Checkbox in email

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to send an email with two check boxes present, something like below: Please choose one of the colors: 1) Red (First check box) 2) Blue (Second check box)... Also I want to be able to read the response from the checked checkbox. ... More

  • Posted in: India GCC Community

    Hi, I rad some text from application and i am trying to pass the text to another application using global send keys while printing the text, it is giving gap between lines you can see on the attached capture1 screenshot and you can see the input text ... More

  • Hi All, We are working on a web application automation. We used UIA Automation ID and it was working fine. There was a recent change on that Web Application and we don't see UIA Automation ID any more. We used HTML mode and UI mode...but didn't help. ... More

  • ​​ I successfully created Lab 1 and got it to execute when I first ran it. But when I try to run it a second and subsequent time it trips up at er Search with the message Internal: Failed to perform step 1 in Write Stage 'Enter Search' on page 'Search' ... More