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  • Hi Team, I am getting this error in the code stage. could you please help me. please find the below screenshot ------------------------------ Saranya K ------------------------------

  • Hi Athiban, I managed to fix this after recreating DFD, batch type and document type and it works. I think it could have had something in common with the update of decipher we did in production. ------------------------------ Jakub Markowski -- ...

  • That script is very simple, but could be modified, but it quickly gets more involved. personally i would make the script connect to the bp database, and check the status of the resources, and then act on the resources, based on this information. /J ...

  • Based on the "State" and "Connection" status of the particular BOTs which we can get from Control > Resources. For instance, "State- Connection Lost" and "Connection - Not connected". Does this Power shell script can able to identify and run a Restart ...

  • Mostly using feature, thanks for sharing. ------------------------------ Srihari RPA Developer ------------------------------

  • thank you ! It worked for me with this one too! Now() + MakeTimeSpan(0;0;2;0) ------------------------------ Lucia Lisdero ------------------------------

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Raising this enhancement to get option to export HUB Audit Logs into any file format. We are using ...

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