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Sede del Grupo de Usuarios Locales de Blue Prism de Buenos Aires

Welcome to the Blue Prism Buenos Aires User Group

If you'd like to get together with fellow Blue Prism users in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to discuss RPA and Intelligent Automation, then this is the group to join.

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    • Welcome to the Buenos Aires User Group! 🙌

      Hola a todo el grupo, les mandamos esta comunicación para hacerles saber que en breve será nuestra primera reunión.

       Aprovechamos la oportunidad para preguntarles acerca de sus preferencias de días y horarios para la misma, a los efectos de organizar la convocatoria.

      A warm welcome to the Buenos Aires User Group.

      Please join this group if you'd like to meet-up with other Blue Prism developers, customers and end-users in and around Buenos Aires.

      The Blue Prism User Group program empowers our customers to organize and host local groups and gatherings while having the opportunity to be part of the conversation.​

      If you would like to provide any feedback on the User Group program, or have a question, why not post in the Event Chat Community.

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