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  • Hi, You can set the authentication to Bearer Token and pass the credential which you'll have to set on each pass. Or you can set auth to none and then add a common parameter like token which you can use in common header. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Yes, you are doing this right. Although you can use action like Utility File Management -> Read All Lines from File to read a text file. You can link all your object and processes in one separate process. ------------------------------ Gopal ...

  • Hi, I cleared my AD01 exam Kindly suggest how i download my certificate. ------------------------------ satyender sharma ------------------------------

  • Hi, 1. Is there a way we can configure a Single Sign On without using an Application Server..? 2. If we are not using the in-product functionality of creating a DB for the SSO environment. Is there a SSO specific CreateScript to configure for SSO environment..? ...

  • I'm trying to create a process that reads data from a text file and then post that data line by line into a website. For this I have created a web based object and a windows application one. Am I going through this the right way? How do I link the two ...

  • Hola, es necesario tener instalado el JDK del Java y configurar las variables de entorno JAVA_HOME y JRE_HOME en el sistema. ------------------------------ Alejandro Nina Macedo Centers Developer EVERIS PERU S.A.C. America/Lima ------------------- ...


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Can we please have a search box at the top for Work queues ? In PROD environment with lot of queues ...

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