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 Capture Model not Training

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posted 09-14-2021 18:34
I can't seem to get this capture model to train. I've adjusted the numbers and selected Mark for training but nothing seems to happen and the 'last trained' field stays as 'N/A'. ML was enabled in the setup. 

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Hi Ben,

That's maybe a little strange (or a coincidence), but it can take a little while for a capture model to be created.

If you have access, you can check the capture model table in the database. The status column is either 1 or 2, 1 = unlocked, 2 = locked for training.

If it happens again, it's worth checking and if the status is 1, it would be worth raising a support ticket.


Hi Ben B,

Have you carried out the steps described in this link?


Ben L
Hi Ben,

Yes I enabled ML during setup of Decipher.

I deselected the ML from the Doc Type and then re-added it and it eventually showed a 'Last Trained' date. Not sure if that was a coincidence or not but that happened hours after it passed the periodic training mark.
Thanks Ben. The database flags are very useful to know, I will check those if it happens again. Thank you!
Hi Ben - I am running into this issue again. When you select "mark for training" - should that lock the capture model right away or is there a delay? The state in the database is still "1" even though "marked for training" is selected.
Hi Ben,

It should be more or less straight away.

Please can you raise this as a support ticket? Mention that you've discussed it with me and I can discuss it with the respective support agent.