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 one document type vs. multiple document types

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siddharth jindal posted 02-21-2022 11:07

I'm trying to train Decipher to read information from remit slips (tabular data). However, the remit slips may differ in their format slightly basis the bank. I want exactly the same column data from each remit slip irrespective of format (header name, column positioning vary).
So should i create multiple document types like remit slip-bank A, remit slip--bank B; or should i create just one document type - calling it remit Slip and then classify all remit slips as one document type?

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Ben Lyons Best Answer
Hi Sid,

If you're looking to extract the same values, then you should only need 1 DFD and Document Type. This is the main benefit of using Decipher that only need to configure it once and the training will then manage itself by layout.


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Jack Look
Hi Sid.

To add onto Ben's answer, you can have multiple sample headers for a particular field so if doc A has a different header than doc B, include them both for the field.

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siddharth jindal
Thank you Ben and Jack. :)