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 RPA practice and tutor

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Federico Mauri posted 09-15-2021 10:39
Good morning!
Last year I attended a Developer Foundation Training course and passed the exam.
I would like to continue in deepening the topic.
Is there some courses that involve not just theory but also practice on RPA (ex. a project to follow)? Furthermore, not having an IT background, I would prefer to have a tutor or anyway somebody to contact to answer all the possible questions coming from watching the tutorial videos. 
Thanks in advance for all the replies.
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Harpreet Kaur
Hello Federico,
Did you attempt the Foundation Training exercise involving integrating a bespoke application and excel through blue prism? It's a great way to put your BP knowledge to a practical test.
Additionally if you browse the University there are several courses around Browser automation and Surface automation that you can explore as well.
Lastly, developers usually tend to automate applications on their own machines which serves as a great learning base. e.g. automating time-sheets, automating sending emails etc. the list is truly limitless.
And of course should you need assistance with anything you can raise queries here.
Happy Learning!

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Federico Mauri
@Harpreet Kaur Hello! Yes, I did the consolidation exercise.
But, not having an IT back ground, it was anyway hard for me to understand how it worked. That's why I asked support to one colleague of developers team.
But now I left my former company, so cannot count on him anymore. That's why I search for some project for practice and tutor/mentor for support.
Best regards
Federico Mauri​
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Ved Sengupta

Hello Federico,
Blue prism community is an very active forum. You can always post your queries here. Or can go to specific channels and post product specific queries. I am sure myself or some one from our community will resolve your issues. Best part is you get reply from product team directly in case others are unable to address it.

Now about your practical exposure. 

There are some applications for which you need enterprise license even for target application and blue prism. Like if you want to learn SAP automation it might be difficult if your organization is not in to it.
But there are multiple applications you can automate. 

WEB Automation is a very vast topic and being well versed into it takes a lot of time due to it's dynamic nature. 

What I did for learning was picked up web sites randomly and automated any flow which I might even do once. 
Also many clients have most of there applications as web based so it might help you.
Try web scraping and formatting the data ( Like one would do using beautifulSoup in python having programming background) but you can do the same thing using low/no code platform and have the same output.

Please have this in mind RPA is for everyone. It is a very welcoming field. It treats everyone equally irrespective of their educational background (IT not-IT all are same to our RPA BOTS :D)

Best Regards,
Ved Sengupta
RPA Developer
Deloitte India ( Offices of the US)
Bangalore | India