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 Excel Copy and Paste - Special

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douglas.denmulder posted 09-22-2021 23:55

Apologies if this is not the correct thread.

Looking for some insights into the Excel Copy and Paste - Special.

More specifically on the ability to Copy a data set/range from one workbook, to another workbook, copying everything in that range, except the 'visibility' of the formulas in certain cells.

Ie: The origin workbook contains VLookup, etc. I do not want that showing or copied across to the new workbook.

Thanks in advance.
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MuraliKrishna Kodi

Yes, we can achieve this, You need to modify/create a new code stage with the paste special method so that you don't get any formula copied to the target excel sheet.

below is the one for your reference.

.Range(dest_range).PasteSpecial (Paste:=xlPasteValues)