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 Oracle Forms Spy

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Sutirtha Gupta posted 01-12-2022 12:59
Hi All,

Tried to spy the popups from Oracle forms but any of the spying methods not able to work correctly. Can you please tell how to overcome this problem?

Application running in IE not in edge.
HTML: Not able to, getting only the main page as if there is no popups
Win32: Giving exceptions
AA and UIA: after identifying not able to recognise
Enabled Java    -java mode also not able to recognise (only installed JAB)

Nothing is coming for the page if you open elements tree. 

Sutirtha Gupta
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John Carter
Hi Sutirtha - try making a separate VBO to handle the Win32 elements of IE.

  • The VBO should be the attaching type rather than a VBO that launches
  • When you go through the app modeller wizard, at the 'indicate the type of application you are using' step, select 'Windows application'
  • Then create a page that attaches, waits for the pop up and then handles it (if you are closing the pop up, be sure to wait for it to 'not exist' before ending the page)
  • Then call the new VBO from within the original VBO