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 Capture v2.0 - PDD Section 3.4 Process Exceptions

posted 03-02-2021 20:43

I have been testing the functionality of Capture v2.0 and it looks great so far!! 

I'm trying to find some information regarding section 3.4 Process Exceptions in the PDD output. Is there a specific way to document exception handling within Capture? How is section 3.4 expected to be used - are the details added manually after the PDD is generated or is there something within Capture that will complete this section? I see that if more than 2 conditions are added to a decision, the xml file will show an "Otherwise" exception in the process diagram but this doesn't seem to show up in the PDD. 

Thank you!

Hi Kristy,

Glad to hear you're enjoying using Capture 2.0!

3.4 Process Exceptions is included in the PDD as an area for the user to manually include details of any exceptions in their process.
To align with the logic of Process Studio, decision points in Capture will be adjusted based on the number of connections when exported to .xml format:
For 1 connection - decision point is converted into a Link.
For 2 connections - decision point will remain as Decision node. Connections will be overwritten with Yes/No to align with decision node logic.
For 3+ connections - decision point will convert to a Choice node with a "floating" Otherwise node.


Thank you Rhys!
Would be great if, in future versions, Process Exceptions could be handled within Capture. Many decisions only have Yes/No outcomes and often the "No" outcome leads to a business exception. Can't wait to see what v3.0 offers!