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 Cannot run a scheduled task. Session error occurring

posted 08-10-2021 12:05
Hi all,

As the title says I cannot run a scheduled task. The error I get when viewing the failed task in Reports->Recent Activity is: 
"Task: New Schedule - New Task - Session creation failed on resource 'XXX': Failed to create session on XXX- The requested operation is not permitted, because the license currently in use does not permit it.The maximum number of concurre"

My license is Enterprise, valid for 1 session.
I have ensured there are no Pending, Running or Stopping sessions in Session Management. In Session Management my filters are set to All.
Scheduling is enabled under System->Scheduler.
As a last resort I have restarted my app server to no avail.

In Session Management I can drag processes to manually run and then start them without fail.

I have the same license installed on a second app server (freshly setup) that I plan to start using as the Production server once I have finalised testing on the current app server. The Prod app server has not been touched beyond initial installation. I doubt it is the cause of the problem, but I mention it here to give you the full picture.

I am running V6.10.1.

Any help will be much appreciated.
My recommendation is to contact our support team at to review your license type and see the reason for the issue.

For the moment, we have the following KB Articles that can give you some inside how licenses work in our product:
I suggest its worth removing the license from prod server and give it a test and if you can share the result .
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