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 Help needed on Consolidation Exercise 1.1.11 - Order Confirmation

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Karen James posted 08-04-2021 21:40
Hello! I am having issues capturing the order confirmation/reference number. I've spied the pop-up box and labeled it as a Window data element and text type. Then, I created a child element and spyed the text within the order confirmation and the only data element is Label with text type. I've unchecked "Window Text" and have checked "Parent Window Text" (I've also tried leaving both unchecked) and then have an output to hold the confirmation number as Text. The process runs smoothly, however, every time it's only capturing "Order Confirmed" as the text and not the actual string of "Please make note of our reference number: xxxxx". I've reviewed the other posts and cant' seem to find an answer and would appreciate any assistance! I can't move on until I have this and I haven't even tackled the tip"Use the text functions in a Calculation stage to extract the number from the confirmation text" yet. Thank you in advance!
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Leonardo Caldas
Hi Karen,

I would suggest trying to spy on the pop-up using a separate business object. Use a recovery stage to handle the pop-up; here is an article with some examples of this technique.
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Ved Sengupta
Hello Karen,
You can use the UI navigation tree to check your spying once again.

Sometimes it might be highlighting properly but it can be a placeholder and not the exact text.

Best regards,