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 Extracting hand written text using BluePrism.

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Maneesh Vemula posted 10-12-2021 20:20
How can we extract handwritten text from a form converted to an image. I believe Abbyy has the ICR capability but how accurate is it? Can the Google Vision API extract handwritten text when integrated with Blue Prism? Has anyone come across such use case? 

Are there any other resources that can be used to extract hand written text?

Thanks in advance.
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Steve Boggs
Hi Maneesh,

Others here may be able to address your questions in this thread about ABBYY and the Google Vision API, but from my experience working with customers I have heard that the "Visual Perception AI" Skill for Microsoft Azure Computer Vision v3.0 (available on the DX here) can be successful in recognizing handwriting. We offer a Knowledge Base article on how to do this using Blue Prism here

In addition, future versions of our Decipher product are tentatively slated to support unstructured data and handwriting by increasing both the types of data that can be processed as well as the level of validation and analysis that can be performed. If you already use Decipher, I would encourage you to submit your business case for this on our Ideas Portal to let our Product team know you would find this feature addition useful.