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 Foundation Consolidation Exercise

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Stef Lachin posted 09-16-2021 17:02
Hello - can some one give me a clue (or the answer :-) ); I'm stuck on the first bit where you build the process; I keep getting an error on the Open Workbook action "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation." which doesn't help much.
I have these entries for the data item:-

And this for the action:-

Any help appreciated as I'm feeling a bit like I've fallen at the first hurdle...
Training edition 7.0.0
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Jack Look
Hi Stef.

The first step is to create an instance. You are doing that and it works fine?

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Stef Lachin
Thanks Jack
Yes, the instance comes up OK, then the process then has trouble finding the csv.
I've re-done the process this morning using the csv method and that worked OK so I'm feeling a bit more positive!
I'll check the Excel solution when I get access to the solution document to see what I've missed.

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Ved Sengupta
Hi Stef,
Are you closing all instances of excel before creating an instance and opening any workbook?

Can you please have an action to kill any running instance of excel before doing the exercise and see?

Best Regards,
Ved Sengupta