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 Warnings when working with Edge browser

posted 04-06-2021 07:10

I am automating data retrieval from a website using Blue Prism 6.8 and Microsoft Edge.

The problem is that I keep getting random warnings in the control room. The process might handle 100 queue items and then on queue item 101 it freezes on a random input or button press. This is while doing actions that the process has successfully done already a 100 times.

I have installed the edge extension and I have put waits before button presses and I am running out of options what to do. 

Any ideas?
Hi John,

May I ask what kind of warnings are you getting and what do you currently do to handle them?
Alternatively, if they occur at specific places (you might have to investigate a little to pick those up) can you try adding retry loops? Additionally try adding the GarbageCollector if your process is calling a lot of sub-processes or objects after every run to free up the cPU memory.
Let me know how you go.
Hi Harpreet,

Thank you for your reply. I have not heard of garbage collection in Blue Prism, I have assumed it is automatic. I will have to download the utility and see if that would help.

As for retry loops, all these sections are within retry loops, but I am not getting any exception, they just freeze and show "Warning" in control room.​ The process has been working with Internet Explorer, but I was forced to move to edge and ever since then I've been having problems.