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 Steps to set up multi-authentication environment

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Siddheshwar Kore posted 09-20-2021 13:11
Hi All,

I am trying to achieve following authentication functionality:
  • User is logged in to VM having Interactive Client using a local (non-domain) account:
    • Should be able to login using native authentication
  • User logged in to VM having Interactive Client using domain account:
    • Should be able to use active directory authentication (SSO)
Current Setup:
Environment is joined by AD. All VMs (Clients,Servers etc.) joined by same domain.

I believe this can be achieved using multi-authentication mode. Can someone help me provide or point to a documentation which contains detailed steps to set up multi-authentication? I could find the online help documentation which briefly mentions about the same:

Blue Prism devices can only connect to one environment at any one time but it can be configured to connect to many environments, which can each be configured with one of the available sign-in methods.

But can someone help me understand, how do I configure to connect to many environments with each being configured to use one of the available sign-in methods.

Note: I tried selecting multi-authentication environment during creation of database and enabled active directory authentication from Systems tab. Service runs well on App server. However, this set up works fine only if I login to client VM with a domain user. If I login to client VM with a local user I get error: Caller was not authenticated by the service.

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Eric Wilson
Hi Siddheshwar,

What version of Blue Prism are you using? I believe the multi-authentication feature you referenced above was introduced in v7. Prior versions were either native BP authentication or SSO w/ Active Directory. You can have multiple BP environments deployed though, and each environment can be configured to use a different authentication mechanism. A single IC can connect to each though as long as it has the appropriate connection details.