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 Unresolved Key from Server

posted 02-22-2021 14:52

We configured the encryption on the Key Store tab on BPServer.exe. While trying to access the same key from Blue Prism Software, we are getting Unresolved Key - rendering the Encryption Scheme unusable. Could you provide some assistance as to how to get this encryption key properly set up on the windows server? Please see the attachments for reference.

Thank you
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1) open the schema "default encryption schema" and uncheck the check box "available".
2) open the schema "credentials" and check the check box "available".
3) this will make "credentials' schema as available.
4) if you are saving key in database in the encryption schema for credentials then copy it and paste the same key in server config details in c drive. Over here the schema name must be "credentials" i.e the same name that you have in encryption schema in BP.
5) restart bp server service from services.msc