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Future dates of upcoming schedules

  • 1.  Future dates of upcoming schedules

    Posted 08-21-2019 09:24

    Is anyone aware of which tables contains the data about upcoming schedules in Blue prism Database.
    For Ex: 
    Schedule Name :xxxxxx
    Schedule occurrence: daily 
    Schedule start date:
    Schedule Calendar:


    Manoj kumar Nunna
    Senior Developer
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  • 2.  RE: Future dates of upcoming schedules

    Posted 08-21-2019 09:40
    You may find this helpful:A post about future schedules

    Last I looked into this, it seems that Blue Prism doesn't store future scheduled runs as values in the DB. Instead, kit looks like the BPAScheduleTrigger table maintains a list of active schedules, which it must periodically check to determine whether a schedule should run. If the future values are stored somewhere, I'm not sure where that is. It may be in a view I didn't notice or something like that.

    Glancing at it now, it looks to me as though the enddate field in the BPAScheduleTrigger is where you look to determine if the schedule is active or not. If it's NULL, that may mean it's active. There appear to be some with NULL values that are not actually still active, but those may actually be in the retired schedules or maybe the table wasn't updated if someone deleted them. Anyway, I think BP is using the indicated unittype, period, etc. fields to determine when the next run should occur based on the original date/time set and whether there is an enddate already.

    Hope this helps and doesn't just confuse things more. I've been known to make things less clear... =)

    Dave Morris
    3Ci @ Southern Company
    Atlanta, GA