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BPW 2020 Automation Reviewer Challenge!

  • 1.  BPW 2020 Automation Reviewer Challenge!

    Posted 06-26-2020 09:50
    Edited by Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega 08-04-2020 17:19

    This year at Blue Prism World we hosted four virtual Challenges in which Global teams worked to automate some key use cases within Blue Prism. The Challenges were extremely popular and registration had to be closed early as all spots were filled! 


    Automation Reviewer Challenge: this challenge was created by BP's CoE team and tasked the teams to create a solution within the Blue Prism product which could read, interpret and rate a bprelease file against a defined set of best practices. 


    The idea was to take a bprelease file and look through the XML inside it to find any breeches of best practice, and build a report detailing what and where the developer had gone wrong.  They had 3 hours to complete the task, and the final output should have been able to check as many of the listed best practices as possible.  


    There were a wide range of methods used by the 6 competing teams, for example, some teams decided to use one single process whereas others used multiple processes, so it was very interesting to see how the designs varied across teams. Work queues were another differentiator, some teams used them since they will allow to produce hundreds of releases as one. However, some teams didn't used them since they can be added later on. 

    In general, all the teams did a great job on analysis and everyone managed to overcome VPA content. 

    There was also a very creative and outstanding use of co-stages in some of the teams. 

    After much deliberation, in what was largely quite a tight raceSymphony was crowned as the winner of our challenge - @Nitin Prakash , @Piotr Holeksa  @Jakub Grzegulski @Sunanda Adhikary and Stella Ampazoglou. They showed great insight into how to use collections and loops to handle complex data structures such as the XML inside a bprelease file. Their result showed a very collaborative discussions and a clear tasks division, while being perfectly coordinated as a whole, and that was the main objective of team challenges. 

    Well done to the Symphony team! 



    To hear about the other challenges please click the hashtag below 😊 


    #BPW2020Challenges #BPW2020

    Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

  • 2.  RE: BPW 2020 Automation Reviewer Challenge!

    Posted 06-29-2020 01:54
    Hi Lorena,

    Is this solution going to be published on DX?

    Shashank Kumar
    DX Integrations Partner Consultant
    Blue Prism

  • 3.  RE: BPW 2020 Automation Reviewer Challenge!

    Posted 06-30-2020 10:32
    Hi Shashank,

    The Challenges were quite difficult, meaning that some teams may want to polish their delivered solutions before being production ready. In any case, all teams are welcome to submit their final automation for publication onto the DX if they would like to.

    Our internal BP team's plan is to continue developing their solutions internally and publish it to the DX in the near future.



    Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

  • 4.  RE: BPW 2020 Automation Reviewer Challenge!

    Posted 07-10-2020 10:21
      |   view attached

    Hi everybody!

    Our team have put together a more detailed summary of this challenge in the attached document. As Lorena has also mentioned, we are working to get a olsution up onto the DX incorporating some of the best work from our submissions!

    Sam Stone
    Senior Process Analyst and Developer
    Blue Prism