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Exception: No queue item specified

  • 1.  Exception: No queue item specified

    Posted 09-06-2018 10:52
    We are having a new problem where we are running a process through the control room it is exceptioning with the reason 'no queue item specified'.  We have been running this process for at least 6 months without this issue but have recently been moved on to new servers so I'm not sure if it's related.  This doesn't happen if we step or play the process, only randomly through the control room.  It happens at a stage where we are tagging the item in the queue, doesn't make sense that it happens intermittently...has this been happening to anyone else?

  • 2.  RE: Exception: No queue item specified

    Posted 08-11-2020 18:33
    Hi  Kimberley - were you able to resolve this issue? I am experiencing the same thing and am wondering what you discovered. Any help is appreciated!

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  • 3.  RE: Exception: No queue item specified

    Posted 08-12-2020 03:49
    Hi Kimberley - some ideas for investigation:

    • Do the logs indicate whether the Item ID is valid at the Tag Item point? Is there any way the ID could be blank?
    • The process may have not changed in 6 months but the DB size will have, and maybe that has affected performance?
    • And are there very many unique tags? Misuse of tags has been known to have a detrimental effect.

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