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Mainframe automation- color detection.

  • 1.  Mainframe automation- color detection.

    Posted 04-20-2018 12:15
    Hello all, I know that surface automation allows us to detect the colour value but I wonder if it is possible within mainframe. To better explain my point: In my mainframe environment some transaction lines have different font colours depending of their status. Is there any way to check the colour of font and base on that get the transaction status. Thanks for any advices.

  • 2.  I remember this being raised…

    Posted 04-20-2018 13:38
    I remember this being raised with our product team several years ago - I have just checked to remind myself of what the outcome of those discussions were. The Blue Prism mainframe interface does not return any color information from the emulator.  Our product team did a detailed review of all the various terminal emulator APIs we support, and found that only one of them emulators (Attachmate) have implemented the use of color into their API in a way that it was usable for RPA - all the other emulators did not support it properly.  Therefore the return and use of color from the mainframe interface is not and will not be supported. So - there you have it, not supported because of the API/Hllapi interfaces provided by the terminal emulator vendors rather than because of Blue Prism not wanting to implement that feature. Your only option to do what you need is to create a new Surface Automation windows interface for the screen you need to check row colors in.  There is a guide in the documents area of the portal related to surface automation of terminal emulators that might help you with that.

  • 3.  RE: I remember this being raised…

    Posted 22 days ago

    You statement still stands which you made 2 years back.
    Blue prism has enhanced feature and added finding color ability?