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This community covers the core Blue Prism RPA product.

  • 1.  XML encoding

    Posted 01-12-2018 15:43
    Hi all. I try to load xml file. I use Utility - XML / Read File. Xml file on russian language. Unfortunately in data Item i see something like this:         I think problem in encoding. How i can teach the BP to work correctly with "windows-1251"?    

  • 2.  I agree, this sounds like an…

    Posted 01-12-2018 15:58
    I agree, this sounds like an encoding issue related to double byte character sets - I've never had a problem using that object in English.  Seeing as Blue Prism are distributing this on the Portal you should probably raise the issue with the product support team. In the meantime, there is nothing stopping you figuring out an implementing how to use Russian encoding.  A quick google (so i could be wrong) suggests you may need to use the XMLDeclaration class to set the encoding - otherwise it will use the default.  Have a play feed back to us if you figure it out.

  • 3.  Thanks for your answer,…

    Posted 01-12-2018 16:54
    Thanks for your answer, Denis. I have been resolved this issue.  I have been changed in Utility - XML / ReadFile (on page with VB code ) from this: XML = File.ReadAllText(Path) to this: XML = File.ReadAllText(Path, System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding(1251)) and all work fine.

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