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Blue Prism Extension removed automatically

  • 1.  Blue Prism Extension removed automatically

    Posted 11-20-2019 07:47
    Hi Team,

    Any one facing issue like chrome extension removed automatically from browser.
    I am facing this issue from last 15 days with BPV6.6 only in chrome browser. In the meantime  firefox extension is always there.

    I checked with our security team it's fine from there end. But it is working fine in my Development server, so issue is only in my local desktop.

    If any one aware about the issue then please let me now.

    I am using Latest version Chrome and the same version is working fine in my server and in another laptop as well.
    So it's not browser issue. It may be security issue from my system side or may be blue prism extension issue from chrome.

    Added screen shot for the error which I got from chrome in developer mode on.
    Error as below,

    !function(){"use strict";var o={},i=void 0;function e(){i&&1===i.readyState&&i.send("PING")}function n(){if(!i){var e=new WebSocket("ws://");e.onerror=function(){e.close()},e.onopen=function(){(i=e).onclose=function(){i=null},i.onerror=function(){i.close()}},e.onmessage=function(e){var n=JSON.parse(,a=n.PageId;if(a){var t=o[a];t&&t.postMessage({message:n.Data})}}}}setInterval(n,2e3),n(),setInterval(e,1e4),e(),chrome.runtime.onConnect.addListener(function(t){var;t.onMessage.addListener(function(e){if(i&&1===i.readyState)if("makeConnection"{o[s]=t;var n={PageId:s,Data:"Page connected"};i.send(JSON.stringify(n))}else if("sendMessage"{var a={PageId:s,Data:e.message};i.send(JSON.stringify(a))}}),t.onDisconnect.addListener(function(e){var;delete o[n];var a={PageId:n,Data:"Page disconnected"};i.send(JSON.stringify(a))})})}();

    Any Help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    Amlan Sahoo
    RPA Consultant

  • 2.  RE: Blue Prism Extension removed automatically

    Posted 09-25-2020 12:04
    I am facing the same issue and the error is also same. The setup on Dev server and prod server is exacty same, i.e. the versions of BluePrism, chrome and chrome extension is matching on 2 environments. did you find the solution for this?

    Neha Tapkir

  • 3.  RE: Blue Prism Extension removed automatically

    Posted 09-25-2020 12:12
    Hi Neha,

    Please ask to your IT team. Sometimes what happens your company VPN or antivirus may be blocking it. They may take it as exploits. So to over come that you do one thing manually install the respective blueprism extension from chrome store. That way it will not delete your extension.

    This is just a interim solution. But if you want it to work always then you may need contact your It Support.
    You can get the Blue prism extension link for Chrome store in Blue prism website as well.

    FYI I have raised this concern with blueprism support team but no help.​

    Amlan Sahoo
    RPA Consultant