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Filter functionality

  • 1.  Filter functionality

    Posted 09-18-2020 16:00
    Hi All,

    Hope u all are doing well.

    Is there any filter functionality in control room for queue management, Available resources, Available processes?!  It becomes quite difficult n time consuming to trace the specific VMs and process  while doing bot monitoring n trouble shooting for L1 support team among 100s of VMS n processes. 

    If yes, plz let me know ? If no ,is Blue Prism thinking of such feature to be implemented in their next version to ease the process and make the support team's life easy to work.

    Trust me , I started hating scroll up and scroll down activity.  

    Also please let me know if I have knowledge gap on this.


    Pratik Roy
    Rpa Smart Automation LEAD

  • 2.  RE: Filter functionality

    Posted 09-21-2020 09:13

    From BP Control room interface:
    1. you can group resources in some meaningful for you folder three
    2. use sorting by state (just click on it) to see different sorts by it

    also you can use several workarounds depending on what rights and your preferences you have:
    1. get statuses from Blue Prism database. Sql would look something like :

    RAT.AttributeName As Attribute
    FROM [dbo].[BPAResource] RES
    left outer join [dbo].[BPAResourceAttribute] RAT on RES.AttributeID = RAT.AttributeID
    left outer join [dbo].[BPAStatus] STA on RES.statusid = STA.statusid
    where [DisplayStatus] is not null
    order by [name]

    and then you can check which resources were updated a long time ago ([lastupdated] and status according status table values and react

    create a script with say powershell to go trough resources API's. Links:
    http://{resource FQDN}:{port}/status

    and check both ports (LoginAgent and resource when logged in) - what answers they give and go from there

    Mindaugas Breskus
    Software engineer