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Get UIA to run fast

  • 1.  Get UIA to run fast

    Posted 11-26-2020 04:34
    Dear all,

    I'm facing some issues with matching UIA spied elements.

    The situation is:
    -  I have an internal program which I do surface automation on (called "program" in this post)
    - The program sites have tons of elements which are very similar
    - I use UIA to match them and already included Match Index=1 to give it a little speed (I also cannot use less attributes for matching the elements)
    - The response time of the program is very slow

    So while the process runs it is very slow in identifying the elements and soon the program runs in the a time out and hungs up.

    My question - and as I read through the discussion pages also the question of many others - is:
    Is there any other way to speed up the identification of elements with programmes that are not really made for surface automation?
    Is it possible to tun identification faster with more CPU? I always have a CPU>95% while the program has 35% and BP 15% of it?

    Thank you for your recommendations!

    BR Lukas

    Lukas Maier

  • 2.  RE: Get UIA to run fast

    Posted 11-29-2020 21:26
    Hi Lukas,

    If you check IDEATION page, you will find someone already raised a request to improve UIA mode performance :

    You might want to Vote or add additional comments to that one.

    Hope this information helped.

    Henry Li