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6.9 and Active Directory - Search users fails

  • 1.  6.9 and Active Directory - Search users fails

    Posted 11-21-2020 18:04
    Hi all,

    I installed Blue Prism (6.9 using the "Active Directory authentication in a multi-authentication environment" approach).
    Logging in works well for users authenticated on any machine. No problem there.
    However, in an Interactive Client with an authenticated user in AD, with System Manager role in BP, in new user window, all searches in AD for a new user always result in "Invalid query." and "No results returned from Active Directory" whatever the user being searched for, even searching for the very same user that is logged in and performing the search.

    In fact, this behavior is the same for any connection to the Application Server (machine 200000211-RPAQ2 in the image above).
    It is only possible to manage users when the connection is made to the database on the Application Server but then it is not possible to use Active Directory authentication because it is not available. Only native Blue Prism authentication is available.

    The question is: where did I fail to setup Blue Prism? Is this the intended behavior? Did anyone detected this and managed to solve it? How?


    Jorge Martins

  • 2.  RE: 6.9 and Active Directory - Search users fails

    Posted 11-24-2020 03:20
    I can remember having some issues with authentication when I tried to script application server set-up.

    I am not sure if I could fully follow your explanation but I have looked up my previous support case in this topic and the finding was, mixed mode authentication also create mixed mode authentication DB in SQL server. In order to success fully authenticate, the users also have to be created in SQL server. Maybe your are able to check if the users that can log in to BP, are also automatically created in SQL server. (This might not help you but is out of my own curiosity).
    I don't see any error in you configuration. I am afraid you have to open a support ticket for this, since it involves quite some systems, BP app server, SQL server, AD configuration, ...
    You could try to to create the user first in SQL server (as AD user) and then try the new user wizard?

    Regarding missing the SSO option when using direct DB connections I assume..
    - the connection is defined as SQL Server (SQL Authentication) that does not allow AD authentication.
    - In contrast to connection type SQL Server (Windows Authentication)

    Walter Koller
    Solution Manager
    Erste Group IT International GmbH

  • 3.  RE: 6.9 and Active Directory - Search users fails

    Posted 11-24-2020 09:16
    @Walter Koller ​, thanks for replying.
    There is no problem with the users that are already created.
    Let me explain better.
    All users are AD authenticated except for the "admin" default user.
    I have one user (me! :-))(AD auth, no problem logging in) with the System Manager Role.
    The above problem arises when, using my AD authenticated user, I am trying to add another AD authenticated user and I'm unable to do it.
    This means that a AD authenticated System Manager is unable to add AD users. I am only able to do it with the "admin" user.

    Jorge Martins