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Blue Prism Licence Activation

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  • 1.  Blue Prism Licence Activation

    Posted 09-28-2020 06:05

    My company recently acquired a Licence with 6 session, but unclear on the activation. so my question are as follows.

    1. Is it possible to activate 2 of the 6 session to expire in March 2021 for instance,
        activate another 2 later  to expire in  June 2021, and the last 2 to expire in December 2021.
    2. Or once the the License gets activated, will all the session become active and will the expiration date 
        of the license applies to all the sessions?.

    Thanks for your response in anticipation.


    Samuel Ezeala
    Software Engineer | RPA Developer
    eProcess, Ecobank Group
    Lagos, Nigeria

  • 2.  RE: Blue Prism Licence Activation
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-28-2020 06:57
    For this specific, you need to contact your account manager from Blue Prism assign to your company.
    I try to check your company in our system but is not listed.

    Please contact us at or create a ticket in the Portal to request your account be linked with the company where you work and what is the email for the Account Manager.

    Luis Lopez
    Customer Support Engineer English and Spanish
    Blue Prism Ltd