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Not to get past login screen

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  • 1.  Not to get past login screen

    Posted 11-22-2020 13:03

    I had an old version of Blueprism 6.7. I forgot the old user id\passport.
    I anyway uninstalled it and installed the latest version 6.9 like a fresh installation.
    I have SQL Server Express Edition in the background.

    I launched the login screen and was able to configure the Default Connection and create a new Blueprism database. So far, so good.
    However, now I want to login to Blueprism in the below window, and I don't know which user id\password to provide.
    I tried the database server user id\password and it doesn't work.
    I am just not able to proceed beyond this.
    Any help here is greatly appreciated.


    Ganesh Murai

  • 2.  RE: Not to get past login screen
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    Posted 11-22-2020 17:45
    Hello Ganesh

    Are you using the Blue Prism native authentication and are you looking for credentials for the admin user?

    The default user id for admin account would be 'admin' and try the same username as the password. If you have forgotten your Blue Prism Admin password and/or exceeded the maximum number of allowed login attempts, then please contact to request the relevant admin password reset scripts. 

    Also, the following KB article would be also beneficial to you:
    How do I reset my Blue Prism 'Admin' password?

    I hope you'll find this information helpful.

    Karan Sareen
    Solution Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Not to get past login screen

    Posted 11-22-2020 19:51

    You are awesome...... admin\admin worked.
    I was breaking my head for last 2 days over such a simple thing :-)
    Thanks for understanding the problem and providing the solution.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Ganesh Murai