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Data gateway : Special Character error

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  • 1.  Data gateway : Special Character error

    Posted 04-10-2020 09:49
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    Hello Team

    • Explain what you are trying to achieve 
    I am trying to setup Data Gateway to write session logs to a File in Local system
    • Explain what is actually happening 
    Data Gateway  in Control room is throwing error about special character, PFA screenshot.
    Describe any applications you are interacting with • 
    I am interacting with MS Excel and Google Translate in attached process/object.
    List any significant changes that have occurred lately that may have affected the solution e.g. system or Windows update 
    I am using trial version of Blueprism currently and this is first time I have setup the Data Gateway. I have followed this video of Blueprism to do the same:
    • Most importantly explain, if you can, how the error can be replicated. This will allow the support team to not only identify the issue but also create and test a solution.   
    All I can say is if you follow the steps given in this video, you might/might not get this error. So its based on the error message we can check where its coming from.
    I have tried uninstalling and installing Blueprism, SQL server Management Studio and Data Gatway- DataGatewaysEngineInstaller1.1_x86, but no luck.

    Ankit Kumar Rajak
    Blueprism Developer

  • 2.  RE: Data gateway : Special Character error
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-10-2020 04:12
    Hello All

    If anyone received the error and didn't get the solution...
    Stop Data Gateway Services from Blue prism & BP server services from service manager(services.msc)

    Go to C drive -> Users -> (Profile) -> find the file named ".logstash_jdbc_last_run" and delete it.

    Restart the BP server service & Data Gateway services following that. You will find it running.

    For more details, keep observing the log file :  (drive)\Logstash\logstash\logs\logstash-plain.txt

    Ankit Kumar Rajak
    Blueprism Developer