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BPW 2020 Asset Migration Challenge!

  • 1.  BPW 2020 Asset Migration Challenge!

    Posted 06-26-2020 10:00
    Edited by Melanie Giuliani 07-07-2020 09:17

    This year at Blue Prism World we hosted four virtual Challenges in which Global teams worked to automate some key use cases within Blue Prism. The Challenges were extremely popular and registration had to be closed early as all spots were filled! 

    Asset Migration Challenge: this challenge set out to address a popular customer request to have an automated BP asset migration method from one Blue Prism environment to another. This has a potential to minimize the time it takes customers to upgrade from one Blue Prism version to another or one Blue Prism environment to another.  

     The teams were measured on the following Criteria: 

    • Solution design 
    • Creativity 
    • Collaboration 
    • Build quality  
    • Performance 

    The teams approached this challenge in different and innovative ways. In one virtual breakout room the team worked in their own environments in order to be able to split the work, and then import to the VM, which was a unique and creative approach. Another team changed their approach halfway through the session in order to save time. They ended up changing from a GUI solution to a DB transfer. 


    Key Team Outputs: 
    The teams all had their own unique approach to the challenge, with each team utilizing different tools & features within Blue Prism to approach the challenge in creative ways.

    One team attempted the challenge by using surface automation (region mode) on the Blue Prism front end, we also saw a team using SQL scripts, insert statements to create releases on the fly. Another team used PowerShell along w/ configuration files to solve the challenge. 

    Multiple teams used AutomateC, whether with native BP features, external batch files or SQL statements. It was awesome to see the use of Automate C in so many of the challenges!

    The WINNER: Unite BT
     - @Turan Cavli, @Mehmet Ozbek, @Fatih Sevimli and Gunes Basegmez - they did a great job of being able to lift and shift everything from one environment to the other. Their solution used a combo of AutomateC and SQL insert statements, using SQL to create a package on the fly. Their solution was elegant, easy to use, simple to understand, and could be used in most customer environments. Team was able to take the solution and import and run it in environment with any configuration. 
     The winning teams across the challenges won an Amazon gift card. 

    A big thanks to @Mohammed Ali and the rest of the Blue Prism team for running this challenge - it was a great experience to watch the teams in action and see all the great solutions they produced!

     To hear about the other challenges please click the BPW 2020 Challenges hashtag above 😊 


     What are your thoughts on this challenge? How would you have approached it? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 


    Melanie Giuliani
    Online Community Manager
    Blue Prism

  • 2.  RE: BPW 2020 Asset Migration Challenge!

    Posted 07-14-2020 21:26
    Great news! Enta Consulting, one of the teams who participated in this challenge, just released their solution on the DX! Check out the announcement post.

    Melanie Giuliani
    Online Community Manager
    Blue Prism

  • 3.  RE: BPW 2020 Asset Migration Challenge!

    Posted 07-27-2020 04:53
    @Walter Koller, this is the challenge I mentioned :)

    For a link to the asset that was created please see:

    Norah Alsudani
    Communities Strategy Director
    Blue Prism