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Chrome issue BP Version6.4

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  • 1.  Chrome issue BP Version6.4

    Posted 11-18-2020 02:16
    Hi All,

    We are automating a web based application which we had to automate in Chrome Browser and the application is related to SharePoint supported by Microsoft. The automation was running fine for the last 2 months. Suddenly there is a Windows update happened recently and due to this our code is failing and not able to identify few of the elements. We fixed the issue.

    Now when we are running in the Prod VM with unattended mode from the control panel it's not recognizing elements but the funny thing is when we are running with attended mode from the control panel it's working absolutely fine in the same VM. We have used windows Activation before any navigation stage to see whether there is a problem with Windows Activation or not. But it's not also working in unattended mode. We coded in such a way that for a particular element identification we am trying to recognize the element with 4/5 identification so that if one identification fails then another will work. Even if that approach is also failed and it's not at all recognizing elements in unattended  mode.

    Do you have any idea what is going on?
    Can anyone put some light on it ?

    Debashis Ghosh

  • 2.  RE: Chrome issue BP Version6.4

    Posted 11-18-2020 10:43
    Check the version of the BP Chrome extension. It may have been upgraded as part of the Windows update. There are other posts about the Chrome extension.

    Tom Maloney
    nBotix, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Chrome issue BP Version6.4
    Best Answer

    Posted 11-19-2020 05:02
    Hi Debashis

    Please check below link..I hope it will help you.


    Nilesh Jadhav
    Senior RPA Specialist

  • 4.  RE: Chrome issue BP Version6.4

    Posted 11-23-2020 08:46
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Will look into it.

    Debashis Ghosh