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I want to merge 2 cells from excel

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  • 1.  I want to merge 2 cells from excel

    Posted 08-22-2019 07:01

    I want to merge 4 cells from an excel sheet. The excel sheet has no data. I want to merge E.g: b2, c2, b3, c3 cells. How can I achieve this using blue prism? Please help.

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  • 2.  RE: I want to merge 2 cells from excel
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    Posted 06-11-2020 14:05
    There is a new VBO being posted to the DX in the next couple of days called the "MS Excel VBO - Extended". That VBO contains a great may new actions beyond those in the standard VBO available with the installation of Blue Prism. You might take a look at that as there are several copy/paste with range functions that may be of assistance to you.


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